Welcome!! Please Read Before Commenting~

Hello~ Well, I'm Mandi and I've decided to pretty much sell most of what I own. I'm living on my own now and it's time to say goodbye for a little while, ya know?

I prefer Paypal (the e-mail will be different), concealed cash at sender's risk, personal checks (if you must) and money orders only.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, my e-mail is AnimeMandi@yahoo.com and I'll try to keep up on checking it daily ^^

Make me an offer with everything. I want to get rid of these items but I don't want to be ripped off, so keep in mind shipping and all that too. I try to be flexible and I try to be fair.

Items will be shipped on Fridays and Mondays in general and due to the inconvenience of shipping and such I will not ship orders under $10

If you buy clothing I will make sure it is washed before I send it out.

All orders of $70 or more will receive free shipping up to $15, contiguous United states only.

Please understand that special packaging, special shipping, insurance and confirmation are extra. in some cases it may be required of the buyer to pay the extra for insurance and confirmation depending on the item.

Serious buyers only please. Items will be held for a maximum of five days unless there are especially special circumstances which I will deal with on a case by case basis. If you're not serious then neither am I.

Please, if you want more pictures let me know~ E-mail me and I'll take more pictures or get you more details!

I think that's it. . thanks for looking *^^*



Whether you are satisfied or dissatisfied, let me know^^ just leave a comment and I'll leave it there.. maybe even reply to it if I realize I made a mistake of sorts >.<

So yes.. thank you kindly^^


Everyone loves free stuff~ so for every $10 you get to choose something small and cute that I'll add to your package. so if you spend $40 you get to choose 4 items. Some items require a minimum purchase such as the psp memory card. thank you~

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Forgive the lack of free items, more to come! I'll make offers on other items in related categories to what you purchase until then~


All Manga is $5 each unless otherwise noted (in which case it is less than $5). This does not include shipping. The manga have their descriptions, however some are damaged and I will provide better pictures upon request. I recently moved, so while i packed them thoroughly something could have happened, so if you inquire about a manga and it has been damaged since the move I will let you know.

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